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I Read 36 books in 2021: Here's What I Learned That Changed My Life Forever

We Have More Power Than We Think

Man stands on mountain top with hands raised looking towards the sun.

Last year I set a goal to read 30 books in one year. I thought it was impossible given all the demands and distractions that seem to arise in daily life.

Not only did I meet that goal, but I also surpassed it. I will read a total of 36 books in 2021.

As a mindset expert and consultant for leaders and corporations, I made it a point to read books on just about anything related to our human nature. Basically, why we do what we do.

To say this a bit differently, "what makes us tick."

Everything from psychology, spirituality, habits, subconscious mind, meditation, eastern and western religions, human performance, success, and productivity.

I had accumulated so much knowledge in 2021; I thought my head was going to explode. However, after reading all of these books, I came to a pivotal realization within myself.

It's this:

We are more powerful than we think we are. And most importantly, we have more control over our happiness, personal satisfaction, and well-being than what is widely known or taught.

I'm sure you've heard the quote, "Knowledge is power."

Now at a surface level, this is a reasonable statement to agree with. Besides, it's easy to think that people at the top who are considered "successful" – whether it be from power or monetarily – have knowledge and connections that most of us don't have.

This is something you can't argue. But one of the things I discovered in my readings was that when you accumulate knowledge in a particular area in life – it forces you into self-inquiry.

In other words, it forces you to expand your mind, allows you to see what's possible for yourself, and not only that, you gain a new understanding of how you can show up in the world more effectively in your life.

For example, when I gained the proper understanding of how habits are built in the brain and body through reading Atomic Habits by James Clear, it provided me with a new sense of awareness that wasn't there before.

In other words, I became aware of the habits that I had that weren't benefiting me. But, most importantly, it provided me with an understanding of how to change these habits, so I could ultimately change the results in my life.

Without the book, I would have stayed stuck in the same old habits that I wasn't even presently aware of it. And oh, by the way, I would have continued to receive the same results in my wealth, relationships, health, and overall personal satisfaction.

As the saying goes, "nothing changes unless you change first."

Or what about, The End of Stress by Don Joseph Goewey. To be honest, before reading this book, I thought constant daily stress was inevitable.

However, in this book, I gained the proper understanding of how stress arises, what happens in the body, and techniques to mitigate daily stress, negative feelings, and anxiety.

If I hadn't read this book, I would have continued operating under the false premise that stress is inevitable. It probably would have continued to negatively influence my body, relationships, and even how I handle challenging situations in my profession.

My reading in 2021 gave me a new sense of understanding and awareness of myself. Awareness of the fact that there really are other ways to live, feel, and be – that ultimately can manifest in the results in your life.