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Why I Started A Mindset Consulting Agency?

After conducting countless mental wellness workshops for underserved youth, through our nonprofit Positively Caviar, Inc., in the Baltimore-Washington D.C. communities and speaking across the country, I began to realize all of us are yearning for the same basic desires. A sense of power to overcome suffering, a state of limitless abundance, and peace of mind. This is the very essence of our journey. After reading tons of self-help books, hundreds of hours of meditation, and numerous ultramarathons, I discovered some interesting things about the human mind that changed my life forever.

We are spiritual beings and our potential is endless. The power lies within how we can effectively use our minds.

This feeling of absolute bliss, psychological stability, enthusiasm for life, and creative freedom are human desires we innately yearn for. Unfortunately, our "always-on," ego-controlled, and competitive lifestyles have forced us to stray away from this innate intrinsic nature of our being. It's kept us locked in a rat race competing against others, trapped in a scarcity mindset, with constant fear influencing our every move. In addition, depression and other various mental health issues continue to rise.

With the development of new technologies, groundbreaking scientific research, eastern spiritual practices, and innovative methodologies, our society is in a unique position where we can easily and more effectively tap into these greater levels of consciousness -- to benefit ourselves and everyone around us. This creative power exists in all of us and it has the power to heal, increase focus, create prosperity, and give all of us a life that we never could have imagined.

Neuroplasticity, mediation, epigenetics, flow states, psychoneuroimmunology, positive psychology, the law of attraction, quantum physics, and the subconscious mind are all examples of the expanding and ever-growing nature of our true beings. The more that we find out scientifically, the more we realize who we are. The more that we search for spiritually, the more we realize our true selves. There is no separation between the sciences and spiritual realms. They are one and both lead to the ineffable truth of ourselves.

It's time for a wake-up call.

I'm here to help you get the wake-up call of life to live a conscious, self-directed, and abundant life. It is my hope that Supra Mentem awakens the inner soul in you to live the life you innately desire.

- Chazz Scott, Founder of Supra Mentem, LLC.

Supra Mentem, LLC. provides corporate training, seminars, leadership and entrepreneur coaching, and workshops designed to provide effective strategies to propel individuals toward their potential personally and professionally.


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