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I help high-achievers build mental resilience, increase productivity, and accelerate success by shifting minds from auto-pilot to forward-thinking and conscious.

Are you aware of how your own thoughts can influence every aspect of your life? Do you want to live a purposeful life and obtain unshakable success despite external circumstances? I offer high-energy speaking engagements, seminars, and coaching that will leave you empowered, inspired, and awakened to realize the power within you. Learn how to build the life you desire using proven practical strategies to truly live a fulfilled and abundant life.  

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Abhishek Luthra, CTO of Haulshare 


I’ve read so many self-help books and nothing has been as influential or impactful as a conversation with Chazz. Chazz provides simple concrete actions and techniques that you can IMMEDIATELY implement in your life. Chazz has helped me improve my willpower which has had a direct positive impact on my life both personally and professionally.

As a midcareer millennial, I was having a hard time navigating life and my career.  I was burnt out and felt defeated. My mental resilience was low. Chazz's coaching gave me the fundamental tools to create structure in my life. I have a work-life balance in my life now. I never thought I’d ever say I have work-life balance. I no longer feel stressed when  “unexpected situations/ hurdles” pop up in my life. Chazz’s coaching gave me the tools to create peace and happiness in my own life. 

I am beyond grateful to have Chazz as a coach and mentor! The way that I approach life is completely different now based on his thinking Mind principles. I found myself incorporating them into my everyday practices. Chazz's goal-setting framework and visioning exercises are priceless and have helped me tremendously in accomplishing my goals this year.

Abhishek Luthra, CTO of Haulshare 

Brittany Mohr, Analyst at the Department of Defense

Melissa Pearson, Professional Athlete

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