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As a recognized Keynote Speaker, Chazz is available for many different types of speaking engagements including executive coaching, leadership development, keynote speaking, and more.

Critically acclaimed as "Mr. Positivity," for his youth work with Positively Caviar, Inc., Chazz is a professional speaker and coach who truly embodies a positive thinking mindset. His ability to articulate newfound scientific knowledge about the human mind has impacted thousands. Chazz has been recognized for his high-energy, charisma, and ability to provide everyday practical strategies that will empower you to take on new challenges and achieve the life you desire. He focuses on incorporating the secrets of the human mind to shift lives from auto-pilot to a forward-thinking and conscious.

Some of Chazz's clients include the District of Columbia Hospital Assoication, Maryland Association of Election Officials (MAEO), Hampton University, Howard University School of Business, Baltimore City Public Schools, Year Up, Boys & Girls Club of America, and the Government of the District of Columbia Muriel Bowser, Mayor.

His work has been featured in Black Enterprise Magazine, HBCU Buzz, Baltimore Times, The Philadelphia Tribune, STEM Workforce Diversity Magazine, Afro Newspaper.


How to Combat Adversity With A Positive Mindset

Positive thinking and optimism are more than just a fad. It’s a science that has been backed by groundbreaking scientific research in neuroscience and positive psychology for many years. Chazz will deliver an awe-inspiring presentation to teach each participant strategies on how to combat negative thinking, stress, and limiting thinking to foster a more positive mindset to create a healthy and productive work-life atmosphere and personal life. He will discuss:

  • How to overcome negative self-talk

  • How to instill mental resilience to overcome adversity

  • How to reframe negative and unproductive thought patterns

  • How to increase confidence when faced with professional & personal challenges

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How to Develop Mindful Leadership To Drive Results

Strong leadership is a necessity to advance the vision and increase the likelihood of success in any organization. In addition, people want to feel heard, accepted, and feel like they are part of something much larger than themselves. Chazz draws on the latest research to help organizations become more mindful leaders in the professional landscape. This helps to foster more empathic connections, empower more decision-making across the organization, trust, and increase the overall resilience of the company when faced with adversity. He will discuss:

  • How to effectively drive change to reduce friction in the work environment and lead to newfound success

  • ​Empower your team to take on challenges so they can understand their individual potential and reach for greatness

  • Leverage science-backed strategies to increase engagement and overall performance across the organization

Radical Self-Care to Propel Your Success

Self-care is about putting your inner wellbeing first so that you can be your best in your personal and professional life. With our distracted and demanding lifestyle, it’s becoming much harder to put ourselves first to ensure our wellbeing and success. Chazz will discuss practical everyday strategies, which he refers to as radical self-care, to help increase creativity, productivity, focus, and overall fulfillment in life. Each participant will walk away with actionable steps to create a more balanced life in their careers and personal lives:

  • How to use personal wellness techniques to increase your resilience and performance

  • Jumpstart your life with a morning routine

  • Setting clear goals and develop a future vision for yourself

  • Learn how to ingrain better habits

Chazz is a dynamic speaker. His tonality mixed with impressive word choice encourages high expectations every time he speaks.

Rashon Howard, CEO of ExperienceSHON

Chazz is a warm and welcoming speaker who captivates the audience and provided many takeaways and life tips.  He is confident and knowledgeable when speaking and will definitely be asked to speak again at future conferences.

Ruie Lavoie, Director of Board Of Elections for the Maryland Association of Election Officials

Chazz was absolutely enlightening and awe-inspiring. The audience appeared to be mesmerized and hungering for more. He is an awesome and knowledgeable motivational speaker!

Dr. Rodney Grobes, Director of Men of Dominion

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